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Our Objectives:

The Network seeks to

  • Eliminate the gender gap in the Arab region
  • Advocate the values of equality, justice and human rights
  • Root women’s rights in communities Influence government policies and programmes to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women

We work to achieve Arab communities where women enjoy equal rights with men in all political, economic, and social fields, and where democracy, justice, and equality prevail without marginalisation, exclusion or weakening of any community component or class.

A brief history of the Network:

Ra’edat was set up in the wake of the Arab Spring, when female parliamentarians from most Arab countries were invited to the European Parliament in Brussels in 2014 for a study visit and to discuss their common concerns.
The network was initially launched (and Executive Bureau elected) with UN WOMEN, then supported by the Scottish National Party of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy since 2016.


The Arab Women Parliamentarians Network for Equality « Ra’edat »,
or « Pioneers » in English, is a regional parliamentary network
that advocates gender equality and the fair participation
of women in policymaking in the Arab States region.
The Network aims to unite the efforts of present and
former parliamentarians to achieve parity in decision-
making positions by 2030. It also aims to change the
legislation that regulates the political environment,
in particular the election laws for the houses of parliament,
municipal councils and local governments, and the laws for
political parties. The Network operates as a pressure group
on government policies to adopt strategic agendas and plans
supporting women and encouraging transformation towards
gender-sensitive policy. It also seeks to activate funds and
programmes dedicated to the economic, political and social
empowerment of women. The Ra’edat Network is supported
by the Spring Forward for Women, a regional joint programme
by the European Union and UN Women which is funded
by the European Union.